Autism Awareness Month interview with Dr. Melillio

Autism Awareness Month Interview with Dr. Robert Melillio, DC

Great interview on Autism with Dr. Robert Melillio, author of Disconnected Kids and cofounder of The Brain Balance Centers. Dr. Melillo gives a great summary of Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS) and reports some of the latest statistics. The CDC reported 1 of 88 kids in the United States having Autism and 1 of 34 reported in South Korea. A really interesting note is that Polio was reported an epidemic when 1 in 2,700 kids had it, yet Autism has not. He noted ADHD is at 1 in 10 kids.

Dr. Melillo is the current instructor of the Childhood Developmental Disorders modules I currently attend through the Carrick Institute.


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